Anyone can tell you a step-by-step plan that worked for THEM and THEIR goals, but what YOU need is proven principles and an action plan that you can customize to make Instagram work FOR YOU and YOUR GOALS! You need IG4U!
Instagram is a dynamic, ever-growing platform. Hacks, cheap tricks, and pandering to fleeting trends are beneath you and won’t get you what you want for YOUR life! That’s why we don’t practice or preach them!
We teach our Signature IG4U Action Plan for 
clarity, fulfillment, engagement, and growth!
Do you ever feel like you’re spending all this time and money creating content that nobody cares about?
Think about how stoked you’ll feel when you’re working smarter not harder and finally connecting with like-minded, awesome humans!
Increase your engagement? 
Grow an authentic following? 
Know what to post? 
Have confidence on Instagram AND in your life? 
Use Instagram as a tool to meet YOUR goals? 
GOOD NEWS! Our Signature IG4U Action Plan teaches:
How to REALLY grow without 
feeling like a spammy robot!
You don't have to be a sell-out to get the growth you need! We teach effective growth strategies you can implement today that won't cost you a dime. We’re not talking about growth just for numbers (bleh), we believe and share targeted growth strategies for SLAYING your goals! 
How to use what you’re passionate 
about to get killer engagement! 
No more posting and hearing that awkward silence😬! Together we will walk through our proven strategies to promote meaningful engagement that leads to sales! We will share our secret steps to boosting story views, and creating raving fans who show up for you! Cha-ching! 
How to use our revolutionary 
framework to create content that rocks!
We will help you understand why what you’ve been posting isn’t getting you the results you want, and get clear about what type of content will build a booming community. We share over 30 different types of content ideas that make content creation basically brainless! YAS!

If you’re ready to stop blaming the algorithm, stop being overwhelmed and start using Instagram as the freaking amazing marketing tool it is, then you need this course! 

New phone. Who dis?
We're Alison Faulkner and Ashley Rose Reeves of Alison's Brand School! We've both organically grown (never paid for followers or likes) our individual Instagram platforms over the last 8 years! We built our own engaged communities and turned those into high-yielding businesses that provide for our families, and enable us to do meaningful work we love!
Alison Faulkner
Alison has used instagram alone to sell over 5,000 tickets to events, generate 1 million dollars in courses, grow a platform for good, build a community, and has consulted thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes!
Ashley Rose Reeves
Ashley has used Instagram to create a multiple six-figure income for her family through affiliate sales and sponsored posts. She has leveraged her experience to grow an app, and to build a community that she sells and develops products for!
Don’t you want to grow your dream 
and monetize more effectively?!
That’s what we have been able to do and we want to show you how!
Be one of the exclusive few to become a growth and engagement QUEEN! You can start using our Signature IG4U Action Plan immediately!

If you want feel confident and clear about everything you post, utilize your strengths to create systems that serve your goals, or even if you just want to boost your confidence and connection to your purpose throughout the entire process, then this is the most important thing you can learn all year!

You need to act now! Everything changes at lightning speed these days and you HAVE to be ready to pivot and adapt or move on! Every second you waste not knowing how to take effective action is costing you time, energy, potential profits, and success!
Have more time to work 
on what fuels and inspires you!
Think about the relief you’ll feel knowing why you’re sharing, saying, and posting what you’re posting! You’ll feel confident and clear having a set plan in place that’s been proven and tested by others--but is customized to suit YOU!
Get the INSIDE ACTION with our 
IG4U Audio Course!
8 hours of interactive and informative audio sessions that will walk you 
step-by-step through our signature IG4U Action Plan, a 50-page workbook, and all the insiders-only info you can’t afford to miss!
     You get all of this for only $399
  • The secret code to unlocking your Instagram blocks!
  • ​A revolutionary new framework for content creation!
  • ​ Growth strategies you can implement today that work!
  • ​Giveaway & hashtag templates for maximum results!
  • ​ Engagement methods that lead to sales!
  • ​7 industry leaders dishing the truth about what is getting IG results RIGHT NOW 
  • Ellen Marie Bennett of @hedleyandbennett
  • ​Kayti Oldham of @thebeyoutybureau
  • ​Tara Larson of @radandhappy
  • ​Lex Nevin of @dressedinlala
  • ​Kate Call of   @latewithkate
  • ​Courtney Quinn of @colormecourtney
I used the IG4U giveaway template and tips for my recent giveaway and had over 1100 comments in 24 hours! I’ve never had that much success before! It was genius!
Melissa Cook   @coralscoral
I got to the point where I thought Instagram was NOT my friend, but after this course, I really feel like I can be in control. IG4U will improve anyone's overall Instagram experience and help take their business to the next level!
Breea Bringham   @tellthebirds
Courtney Brown President and Founder of @centsofstlye
Jenica Parcell @asilceofstyle
You want even more!? Check out these INSTANT BONUSES for ACTING NOW!
Bonus #1: 2020 Social Media Update:
In this 2+ hour update, Alison and Ashley share about new IG features (reels and more!), the results of taking breaks & new strategy! We talk about selling during a pandemic, and how to navigate a serious world with empathy and positivity! 
2020 bonus update: we’ve got the QUEEN Courtney Quinn of @colormecourtney sharing her ideas and tactics for growth, content creation and more! She’s the smartest kid on the social media block (legit A GENIUS), so get ready for your socks to get knocked off!
A $2,000 Value
Bonus #2: Instagram 101: Everything you need to know to prep your account for maximum growth & success!
When you purchase IG4U you also get instant access to our Instagram 101 Guide! A 16-page primer on everything you need to know to optimize your IG account! From what to post in your bio to quick tips for better photos, this guide is great for those just getting started or Boss Babes who want to make sure they've got the basics covered!
A $100 Value
Bonus #3: 4 things you should know before running paid ads from industry experts
Wondering if you should kick things up a notch with paid ads on Instagram or Facebook? Not sure where to start, or if you're getting the best from the paid ads you're using? In this bonus, we interview industry experts who have done over 50 million dollars in ad spend, and have been around the block! They candidly and honestly share keys for success, what you should expect to spend to see results, and how to know if paid ads are the best next step for you!

These dudes are LEGIT and the only men I've had on my courses--so you know they're good! They charge $1,000/hr to consult, but do it here FOR FREE! This bonus alone is worth 3x times the cost of our course!

A $1,000 Value
If you feel called to do it
Every minute you waste not being clear on how to take effective action is costing you time, energy, potential profits and success! It is possible to work hard with EASE, we can show you how to 
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I don’t like it?
Honestly, I’m offended😜 We learned SO MUCH from this course and we made it! But we’re so confident this course will make your life better—and that it will help you find more success in reaching out and collaborating with people—that we are offering a 100% 15-day money back guarantee. All you have to do is show me your work, that you tried what we suggested, and we’ll refund ya’ if it doesn’t work out.
How long do I have to finish the course?!
FOR-EV-ER! This course is an online course with downloadable audio files, PDF workbook, and templates. You get to keep the files for ever and ever! You WILL want to listen to the course more than once because it will keep generating new ideas for you each time you listen!
How do I listen to the audio part of the course?
When you purchase the course you will be emailed links to all the files—both the MP3 files for the audio, and the PDF workbook and templates. Then you can simply download the files and listen on your phone. Another option for listening on the go is streaming the audio from your Alison’s Brand School Courses account!
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